A Strategic Investment

The course fee covers the full year programme of learning the technique and becoming thoroughly self-sufficient in the practice, with as much personal attention as required. Payment may be made by a variety of methods and instalments are also possible.

Standard Fees

  • Contact your nearest TM Centre for their course fee schedule.
Cost depends on individual circumstances because we are a non-profit peace organisation. Scholarships are available for the less fortunate. And it includes a year of comprehensive free followup including free yoga sessions.
We'll explain all this in detail at the briefing.

Once a course has commenced refunds are not possible.

Concessionary and Student Fees

  • Concessions are available for students aged 18 and over in full-time education, registered unemployed, state pensioners, and cases of special need.

Please feel free to discuss individual circumstances with your local Teacher, who may be able to offer scholarships in exceptional cases

Family and Children's Fees

  • Family fees are available, appropriate to family income - and all dependent children under 18 living at home learn FREE.
  • Children under 10 learn a technique specially suited to their stage of development. One parent is required to be practising Transcendental Meditation before their child learns, or to learn at the same time.

Tailor-made Courses & Group Rates

Please ask us to quote for private instruction, groups, and in-house courses for business and educational institutions.

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Michael Andrew, TM meditator

Michael Andrew, Financial Advisor:

"15-20 years ago I actually went to a Transcendental Meditation meeting and, for all the wrong reasons, I decided against it. The cost is a tiny amount relative to how it can change your life. Transcendental Meditation has given me inner peace that I didn't believe I had."

Dr Norman Rosenthal's
New York Times
'best seller'

Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation

Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation

"The best book ever on TM" - David Lynch

Now available online and in bookshops